Monday, November 02, 2009

11/02/2009 - Bayou Sara

Launch: Walter Cofield Park

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1) Bayou Sara from another perspective.

2) Little Catfish Bayou.

3) Preparing for flight because the kayak was getting too close.

4) Today was one of those fowl birding days. Saw a wide variety of birds and ducks, including a group of birds playing in the water which you can see in a short video here.

5) This squirrel kept nuzzling its face on the top of the limb. Maybe it was cleaning its teeth?

6) Great big heron.

7) Interesting limb shapes.

8) Trees decked out with Spanish Moss.

9) The Popcorn tree (aka known as Chinese Tallow) foliage colors may be pleasing to the eye, but this tree is listed as being very invasive.

10) The sun was intense to the eyes while trying to paddle into it's direction.

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