Thursday, November 26, 2009

11/26/2009 - Red Creek, MS

Launch: Roy O. Cumbest Boat Ramp (Airport Blvd at Pascagoula River)
Route: Up the Pascagoula River to Big Black Creek and then up Red Creek and back. For a TIFF image of the Easen Hill area quad map, click here.

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1) The sunrise through a fog bank over the Pascagoula River was an eerie sight. It was like there was a big fire on the horizon.

2) Sunlight filtering through the fog.

3) Now entering Big Black Creek. The fog lingered on for about two hours. 

4) There were a lot of sandbars up in Red Creek with animal tracks on them. I'm really starting to like kayaking in the Pascagoula River Basin.

5) If you look near the center of this photo, you can see a deer walking off to the right. Saw several deer today but they were quicker than the camera.

6) There was something laying down on the river bank that twitched. I thought it was a deer that had been shot and was dying. Much to my surprise, when I got close to the bank, the twitching body stood up and looked at me. We both snorted.

7) More dead animal parts. But, the hunters do have to field dress their kill so their food doesn't spoil.

8) Then there are the quicker picker uppers that take care of the discarded parts. Nothing goes to waste.

9) This is one of several bluffs on Red Creek and the only land based house I saw today. There were several floating camps.

10) There were also a couple nice cypress groves.

11) Hunter Billy Joe's Retirement Home.

12) Sunset on the Pascagoula River.

I really enjoyed this day long kayaking trip. If you decide to kayak in this area, beware of river levels. There is a river level guage near the launch site called, Graham Ferry. There is a little current in these rivers and creeks but those currents can get nasty when water levels are higher.

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