Friday, November 20, 2009

11/20/2009 - Lower Escatawpa River

Launch: Moss Point City Docks

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1) Launching from Moss Point City Docks off the Escatawpa River.

2) Lots of industry around this area but not much trash was observed. This NOAA ship Ferdinand Hassler will be helping to update nautical charts. (Note the boom surrounding the ship. This shipyard cares for the environment. My compliments to Moss Point industries.

3) At first it looked like a big train engine on the water but it is actually a dredging ship.

4) Never seen boats like this before. It turns out that Moss Point is host to Omega Protein Corp. Not sure how they work, but these ships, with the aid of airplanes, harvest menhaden fish. Menhaden fish is also known as a Pogy and this fish is said to be the most important fish in the sea. Wow, I learn something new every day.

5) Went around a sewage treatment facility and saw a bunch of turtles. No odor or signs of any sewage.

6) Golden Rod flowers still adorn the banks.

7) Moss Point has a nice little park and fishing pier visible in the background.

8) Its lips were moving but I didn't hear anything. Anyone speak pelicanese?

9) The popcorn tree may be an invasive tree, but it is colorful.

10) The seeds of the popcorn tree are three lobed and white resembling popcorn, hence it's name. The seeds remain on the tree after the leaves fall and may stay there all winter long before birds devour them and spread the tree seeds elsewhere.

11) Hahahahaha. No thanks.

12) The 613 bridge over Escatawpa. Althought there is a lot to see, there is one drawback to kayaking in this area. Sadly, with the Hwy 613 bridge, the Hwy 63 bridge, and the I-10 bridge, the traffic noise never goes away.

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