Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/12/2009 - Robinson Bayou

Launch: Little River Marina

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1) Did a little exploring today. Launched at Little River Marina on Robinson Bayou in Moss Point, MS. Kayaked up Bear Bayou and back down Clark Bayou. There are a lot of bayous to explore in this area. There are also a lot of fishing/hunting house boats.

2) Be careful - some places that look uninhabited had mean dogs. There was a lot of barking dogs on this trip.

3) Some of the structures have never been fixed since Hurricane Katrina. One floating house had a sign on it that said, "POLE MAH PHANGAR." I had to read it a few times before catching on to the redneck humor.

4) Yellow flowers from the bean family are still blooming - think they are Hairypod Cowpeas (Vigna luteola)

5) Swamp lilies are still blooming.

6) No idea what this plant is but it is interesting the way it uncoils.

7) Looking up a tree in the setting sun.

8) Little River Marina. The Marina/Bar is the green roof building behind the cream color building which is under construction.

9) One of the little houseboats on Robinson Bayou at Little River Marina. 

10) Sunset on Robinson Bayou with a flock of geese passing by. This was a nice trip. Even got to see some pigs.

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