Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23/2009 - Parker's Lake

Launch: Lower Pascagoula WMA (Wildlife Management Area)

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1) Concrete boat ramp at the launch site which is 2 miles west of Wade Mississippi. For me, coming here is about the same distance as going to Rice Creek. It was about time to finally explore the place.

2) Looking at the trees, it was obvious that water levels get quite high here. Almost instantly I got the feeling of being in a real deep swamp. Be advised, like the Mobile Delta, the Pascagoula Basin is also a hunting area. Two boats pulled up as I was launching and they were carrying six people decked out in hunting gear. (Yes, I was wearing hunter's orange.)

3) Could only get about 3/4 of a mile north before log jams blocked the way. Could only go 1 mile to the south before dealing with log crossings. There was very little current.

4) It was obvious that water levels were low. There were fishing lines hanging all along the creek edges with hooks right at chest level. Had to be careful on this trip. There was a dead fish on this line.

5) Another reason to be careful were poisonous snakes, cottonmouths I believe. 

6) My average speed was really slow. This is a great place to go slow because there is no telling what you will see next.

7) Some hunters left a surprise in the water - intestines and lungs. This area is definitely wild compared to what I've seen in the Mobile Delta. Animal tracks were all over the place. Saw deer on three separate occasions, and saw a big pig, too. Someone took a shot about football field behind me and seconds later something came crashing through the woods, splashed through the water, and kept going.

8) The cypress tree swamp to the northwest was beautiful and there was no path to follow - you make your own path. If the water level was a few feet higher, this would be a cypress swamp that you could definitely get lost in.

9) The sun finally came out as I was headed back up Parker's Lake which is not very big.

10) Looking south, this is the bridge over Parker's Lake with the launch site behind it. The WMA pamphlet says there are Black Bears in the Lower Pascagoula area. Definitely a site worth kayaking again but it would be better with a higher water level.

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