Wednesday, November 04, 2009

11/04/2009 - Chuckfee Bay

Launch: Causeway-Tensaw River (just west of Oysterella's)

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1) Pre-sunrise at the Causeway.

2) Every sunrise seen from the water is a good one.

3) Today's trip went up Spanish River into Grand Bay, then into Stauter Creek, then up Chicory Bayou to Chuckfee Bay, and back via the Raft River. Stauter Creek and Chicory Bayou are very muddy with no place to get out. There are places to get out in Chuckfee Bay and along Raft River.

4) Camp Stumpknocker is one of the many isolated hunting/fishing shacks on the Chuckfee Bay.

5) Ahhh, when I see sights like this splay of Beggar Tick flowers, it makes me forget that it is November.

 6) There were a lot of different kinds of bees working over the Beggar Ticks. This one was much larger than the normal honey bees - maybe a drone?

7) I think this is a Chapman's Aster because the plant had the appearance of being leafless.

8) I saw a wide variety of birds and ducks on this trip. This was an interesting shot because if you look closely in the background behind the heron, you'll see an alligator just waiting for bird food to come within striking distance. Another interesting thing seen on this trip was a sting ray gliding along the shallow mud. Never realized they were this far up in the Delta.

9) There were a lot of alligators seen on this trip. See video below for more.

10) Smiling for the camera.

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