Friday, November 06, 2009

11/06/2009 - Claiborne Dam

Launch: Isaac Creek Park boat ramp
Event: ASRT Ghost Paddle

I went up to Isaac Creek Park for the ASRT (Alabama Scenic River Trail) Ghost Paddle event a few hours early to do a little exploring on my own.

1) Isaac Creek boat ramp near Clairborne Lake on the Alabama River near mile 73.

2) Isaac Creek spillway.

3) Thought this sign said 30 feet. 30 feet or 300 feet, neither distance gives me much comfort when it comes to high powered rifles used in hunting. Thankfully, most hunters seem to know not to shoot toward the river.

4) Wow, there are alligators this far upstream.

5) Not sure what these flowers were - looked like a species of smartweed. They sure were abundant.

6) Golden cypress needles made this trip a colorful one.

7) Monarch butterfly working the wildflowers.

8) A Gulf Fritillary butterfly didn't want to leave the few remaining Bur-Marigold flowers.

9) Drinking nectar.

10) As I was returning to the boat ramp after exploring Isaac Creek and an unnamed tributary off the west side of Claiborne Lake at mile 74, Glen and another paddler were launching to check out the current. Here they are after entering the Alabama River.

11) By now, some of the participants in the Ghost Paddle had arrived and were watching the paddlers return.

12) Rattlebox flower with paddlers in the background.

13) Sunset on the Claiborne Lake (Alabama River).

14) Most of the participants in the Ghost Paddle were camping out in tents.

15) Sunset as seen from Isaac Creek Park.

16) Sunset Panorama.

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