Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/15/2009 - Gravine Island & Briar Creek Tributary

Launch: Byrnes Lake

1) Weather was perfect this weekend so I decided to lead a trip for the kayak club. As we were waiting for everyone to get underway, Morgan's kayak reflection presented a photo opp.

2) We are headed out Byrnes Lake to the Tensaw River - left to right, David, Morgan, Ken and Tracy.

3) The current was predictably strong due to the flooding conditions up river. What was unexpected was to see a bald eagle (small dot on the top middle of the photo).

4) It is a rare treat around here to see such a magnificent bird. Only my second sighting of a bald eagle in the Delta.

5) David glides across the Tensaw River (pun intended). For those puzzled, David is paddling my old Seda "Glider" kayak.

6) Ken prepares to take a photo of his son Morgan. While the waters on the Tensaw appear to be calm, the current was over 2 mph. If you stopped paddling, you were going backwards almost instantly.

7) It took a while but we finally made the 3/4 mile trek across the Tensaw River to Gravine Island. The beach appears to have taken a pounding from tropical storm Ida.

8) Saw some pig tracks and these odd looking tracks which no one could identify. Anyone know what leaves this kind of track? Update: A search on the internet seems to show these are opossum tracks.

9) I've always wondered why there aren't turtle skeletons all over. Today Tracy found a turtle (expired), and it appears the shells decompose very quickly by falling apart into dust. That's why...

10) This was taken in the Briar Creek tributary. We only saw one alligator on this trip.

11) Ken paddles by some Bur-Marigold flowers up in the tributary off Big Briar Creek.

12) The tributary finally narrows down and gets clogged with vegetation.

13) Shot of Tracy as we were headed back to Gravine Island for another break.

14) Having the current push us on the way back made the return trip go quick. Here are Tracy and David in Byrnes Lake as we near the ending point. Perfect weather, great group of kayakers, and an eagle? This was a great trip. Thanks go to Ken, Morgan, Tracy and David for joining the trip.


  1. How would I request permission to use one of your photos in a brochure?

  2. You would need to ask the copyright holder telling him what the brochure is for, whether the brochure is being used for a profit oriented purpose and whether the photographer will receive credit in the brochure for being the author of the photo.


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