Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/2009 - Fly Creek

Launch: May Day Park boat ramp

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1) Winds were suppose to be calm today making it a good day for doing open water kayaking. That is a Hobie Mirage Adventure pedal kayak on the sandy beach at May Day Park.

2) Holy Hobie! Another Mirage pedal boat. Can you see it? He wasn't catching much.

3) Waters, though nice and clear, were too low to go up into Red Gully or Rock Creek.

4) Went up into Fly Creek.

5) What is a trip into Fly Creek without seeing the resident ducks?

6) Further up into Fly Creek near the bridge, it gets shallow and clear.

7) Continued south a little bit beyond Fairhope Pier before heading further into the Bay.

8) Passed near this shrimp boat that was headed toward Fly Creek.

9) The waters slicked off in Mobile Bay - perfect kayaking conditions. This is looking north toward the Causeway. Downtown Mobile is barely visible on the left. 

10) That's me pedaling (exercising) to some classic rock tunes about 3 miles off the Eastern Shore coastline. Pedal kayaking is sure better than riding a bicycle on the road. Life is good!

11) Sunset on Mobile Bay.

12) Back on land, this was taken from the May Day Park pier. This was a wonderful trip.

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