Friday, May 06, 2005

05/06/2005 - Chocalata Bay Sunset Trip

Launch: Causeway Public Boat Ramps. Route: Up Chocalata Bay and back. Distance: 5.2 miles. Pace: Leisurely 2-3 mph. Time: Approx. 2 hrs. Weather forecasts indicated a high pressure system settling in the area with smooth seas predicted and the tide was going to be low about 9:00 pm. Figuring slick waters and no wind, I decided to do a sunset pedal up Chocalata Bay.

(1) Above left. Heading northeast, smooth seas pave the way on a perfect sunny evening. Winds were light from the north and the further north I went, the slicker the waters were. (2) After pedaling leisurely for about an hour, some white flowers on the east bank attracted my attention. Above right. The east bank in upper Chocalata Bay, looking southeast.

(3) Above left. White Spider Lilies are abundant along the bank. (4) Above right (cropped). While paddling along the bank (too shallow to pedal), I saw an unusual bird traipsing through the mud. After thumbing through a bird book, it appears to be my first sighting of a Sora.

(5) Above left. A perfect sunset to a beautiful after work kayak trip. Waters are nice and slick and distant high clouds provided shades of color. (6) Above right. While departing the east bank of Chocalata Bay, I stopped to take pictures of diving Terns. In less than two minutes, the nice calm seas abruptly turned into a 1 foot chop from the south.

(7) Above left. The last sunset photo before the sun dipped behind the clouds. (8) Above right. If you look closely, you can see the I-10 bridge in the background as I head into the small chop. Even though Chocalata Bay is only about 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, because it is open water, one must accept the consequence when the wind picks up. This was a good unexpected evening workout.

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