Wednesday, May 11, 2005

05/11/2005 - Memories Evening Kayaking

Launch: Memories Fishing Camp Boat Launch. Route: South on Fowl River and back. Distance: 3.5 miles. Average Speed: 2.4 mph. Time: Approx 1.5 hrs. Pace: Leisurely. After getting off work, I had planned to go kayaking on Deer River using Lartigue’s boat launch. Unfortunately, Lartigue’s launch was closed and it looks like its been closed a while. So I went to Memories to launch.

(1) Above left. Upper Fowl River is quite scenic. (2) Above right. Check out the pine tree that is quite healthy, even though it has been blown over and it’s trunk is horizontal. The power of life forces is remarkable.

(3) Above left. One of the things I like about kayaking is, even if you kayak the same river, nothing is ever the same. Either something different is in bloom, or there are different critters to capture your attention. This leisurely trip turned into a Buzzardfest. As if taking a cue from the setting sun, big buzzards were flying in from all directions and taking roost in some pine trees. (4) Above right. There are two types of buzzards (vultures) in this area. The red faced Turkey vultures, shown above, differ from the Black vulture by the color of their face. Despite their grotesque eating habits, vultures are majestic birds and are a joy to watch soaring. You will rarely see them actually flapping their wings to fly.

(5) Above left. A Turkey Vulture resting after flying in for a drink of water on the beach. (6) Above right. Ahh, taking in another relaxing sunset. I wonder if birds enjoy watching the sun set…

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  1. birds watching sunsets? aren't they all in bed and going to sleep when the sun sets? (clever birds)


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