Saturday, January 02, 2010

01/02/2010 - Justins Bay

Launch: 5-Rivers
We had a GPS workshop at 5-Rivers today. Things went pretty bad. I was there to show participants how to create a track in Google Earth and transfer it to their GPS. Almost everyone brought their laptops but no one was able to access the internet. Some sort of network glich. Tried to make the best of it with a presention and discussion about GPS devices. Went out to lunch afterward to Ed's Seafood Shack. After lunch, Lee, Bob, Tom and myself braved the 47 degree temperature with a relentless little 10-15 mph wind from the Northeast to do a short paddle. Water levels were pretty low in Justins Bay.

Header Image

1) Lee heads north in Popcorn Alley (off Justins Bay) and a big heron not far ahead.

2) Bob, Tom, and Lee (left to right), on the way back through the cut between Justins Bay and Sardine Pass.

3) Tom in his sharp loooking NDK Romany kayak.

4) Because 5-Rivers locks its gates near sunset, I drove up the road about two miles to watch the sunset.

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