Thursday, January 21, 2010

01/21/2010 - Bay Minette Creek & Basin

Launch: Buzbees

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1) Barry, a kayaker that I met on the Isaac Creek Ghost Paddle last year, was in town today. We got together and kayaked from Buzbee's Landing. Yesterday evening this area had flash flooding and today Bay Minette Creek had a 2+ mph current - worst I've ever seen it.

2) We found one tributary that didn't have much current and the normally dark water was quite turbid.

3) After lunch, Barry tried his luck at fishing for a little while and never got a bite.

4) Lichen.

5) After Barry left, I went out into Bay Minette Basin and Yancy Bay. A fog bank started rolling in and this was the last time seeing the sun today. Winds picked up to a steady 15 mph. Had to put on the spray skirt. Conditions on the water can change without warning. Always take your spray skirt with you - and a GPS with a launch site waypoint.

6) Another photo of the fog bank rapidly approaching.

7) This is what it looked like in the fog bank. Fog banks can appear quickly and limit navigation to compass, GPS, sound and wind/wave direction.

8) I kept hearing birds overhead but rarely could they be seen. This flock was close enough to the water to be seen.

9) Had planned on watching the sunset back in Bay Minette Basin but the fog obscured the sunset.

10) Kayaking in the fog is fun but it can be dangerous along busy waterways. When in dense fog, keep your noise maker (fog horn, whistle, etc.) handy.

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