Thursday, January 14, 2010

01/14/2010 - Fairhope

Launch: Volanta Avenue access next to Fairhope Yacht Club

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1) Nice looking sailboat headed to Fairhope Yacht Club.

2) Couldn't pass up a day like this - temperature in the mid to upper 50s, mostly sunny, and no wind. What a great day to kayak on open waters.

3) Pelicans were generating more waves than the wind.

4) Brown Pelican about to take off.

5) No trees equals erosion.

6) Sailboats at Fairhope Yacht Club.

7) Not a single person was fishing from the pier.

8) The sun is setting later every day. With longer daylight hours, warmer weather can't be far behind.
9) Fairhope Pier lights reflecting off the water.

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