Wednesday, January 06, 2010

01/06/2010 - Savage Ditch Ice Breaker

Launch: Causeway (Near old Old Texaco/Exxon station)

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1) Felt the urge to kayak this morning because the weather forecast for the next few days indicates nastier weather (gale force winds) is on the way. Problem with kayaking this morning is temperatures were in the 20s. Didn't expect this much ice.

2) Sunrise over partially iced Chacaloochee Bay as the kayak takes on the role of ice breaker. Seeing the sunrise reflecting off rippled ice is a rare treat for this area.
3) Aquatic plants embedded in ice.

4) In Savage Ditch, the ice got a little thicker. Paddling in ice is a unique experience because the paddle has to be slammed down hard on the ice to get the paddle to penetrate it before doing the stroke. If the paddle doesn't penetrate, the paddle slips along the ice causing problems with balance.

5) Despite the cold, soon as I got to Savage Ditch it was time to shed a layer of clothes. I had over dressed and had begun to got hot.

6) A hoary morning. This sure was a cool paddle trip.

7) Looks like the tide dropped as the freezing was going on.

8) Sandpipers were out early looking for food.

9) Soon as the sun came out, ice melted and Egrets, Herons, Coot, and Ibis were abundant along the banks.

10) Unfortunately the winds picked up on the way back causing a small chop. The wind definitely made it feel like the temperature dropped a few degrees.

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