Saturday, January 09, 2010

01/09/2010 - Pumphouse Canal / Shell Bayou Loop

Launch: William Brooks Park (US Hwy 43 at Chickasaw Creek – Southwest Corner)

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1) Sunrise on the Pumphouse Canal. Temp was 23 degrees at launch time and only 32 degrees when I got back. You can see where paddle drips have turned to ice on the kayak hull.

2) There are no safe areas for deer in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Hunters discard the remains of their kills where ever they want. It's the only deer I saw today and when you see them like this, it is not a pleasant experience.

3) The Pumphouse Canal is still log jammed at the railroad crossing so if you want to go through to Mobile River, it will require some effort to get by the logs.

4) Bear Creek had some ice in the shallow areas. Ice didn't present any problems today.

5) Winds were strong on parts of Greenwood Bayou and Shell Bayou - there was a small craft advisory today - hence the reason for staying off open waters. The flag on the back side of the shack was blowing straight out. Despite the cool temps and wind, this turned out to be a really nice paddle.

6) Something rarely seen in South Alabama are icicles.

7) Another thing rarely seen are nutria (big rats) and today I saw a bunch of them. 

8) These poor things have a bounty on their tails in Louisiana.

9) Killdeer were running along the shorelines.

10) A siege of herons. Wish I'd have brought binoculars because there were a lot of birds out today.

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