Wednesday, January 27, 2010

01/27/2010 - Pelican Point

Launch: Pelican Point

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1) Sunrise at the entrance to Week's Bay.

2) There were a bunch of Terns and Gulls standing in the shallow waters this morning.

3) Tide was low. I ended up having to use a paddle for the first few hours today. Waters were too shallow to use the pedal drive. Even half a mile out into the Bay waters were less than a foot deep.

4) Red water (tannic) draining from Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge. I cruised the shoreline of the Wildlife Refuge down to the entrance of Bon Secour River and then followed Fort Morgan peninsula for about 9 miles to the public boat ramp.

5) Typical view of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. Tree stumps, a little bit of sand and dense grasses.

6) Crossed paths with a pod of about a dozen dolphin that were jumping out of the water and playing with each other. Tall condos on Fort Morgan peninsula can be seen from miles away. I cut across Bon Secour Bay from the boat ramp on Fort Morgan peninsula back to Pelican Point - 10 miles of open water. Winds were variable.

7) A couple of gulls fly past with the moon in the background.

8) Sunset on Bon Secour Bay.

9) Someone on a jet ski likes to take photos of the sunset. Those are birds on the horizon which few out to watch the sunset.

10) A gull cruises by as a heron uses the last bit of light searching for a fish to eat.

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