Saturday, January 16, 2010

01/16/2010 - Mobile River Lock Down

Launch: Causeway Boat Ramp (just west of Oysterella's restaurant)

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1) The commissioning of the LCS-2 was scheduled for 11:00 am today at Cooper Riverside Park. There was suppose to be a boat parade too. That was today's destination. Had to monitor the weather carefully because of a small craft advisory and heavy rains. There were 40 knot winds a few hours earlier. Luckily the winds subsided as predicted, runoff current was mild, and the rain beat down the waves so waters were almost slick at launch time.

2) Unexpectedly, while pedaling up Mobile River, authorities with assault rifles sped my way in this boat seen departing after our conversation. They kindly said, "This is as far as you can go." Apparently Mobile River was on a security Lock Down due to the ceremony.

3) I've kayaked by the LCS-2 dozens of times but today it was WAY WAY off limits. This was as close as I could get today.

4) Dejectedly, I turned around. While heading back down Mobile River, another boat, Coast Guard I think (red sponsons), tailed me for about a mile. Then a military security boat (black sponsons) came speeding over and circled the kayak while someone on board was snapping photos of me. Guess kayaks will be the topic at some future security meeting. Hopefully they were impressed with the 6-7 mph speed of the kayak going downstream with the current. Judging by the few grins I saw, they were probably thinking, "What kind of fool would be kayaking on 45 degree water during a small craft advisory, on a rainy day like this?" A fool with an umbrella out to get some exercise using a pedal boat while enjoying the scenery. Pedal kayaking is a lot more exciting than sitting on a stationary bicycle in a stuffy fitness club.

If ceremonies like this are to be WAY off limits to public boats or pleasure crafts, it would be nice if the public was told about it. Reading about a boat parade only entices me to kayak to the event, even if it is raining.

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