Monday, January 18, 2010

01/18/2010 - Dauphin Island

Launch: Desoto Park (Dauphin Island)

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1) Sandy launch at Desoto Park also called Aloe Bay Park.

2) Conditions were superb for kayaking today - temperature in the 60s and very little wind. An oil rig is seen here with the Dauphin Island bridge in the background.

3) It clouded up for a while making it a little chilly on the bare feet but the sun eventually came back out. Today's destination was to find Jake and help him navigate through the Dauphin Island area and he wasn't even aware I was headed his way. Tracy and Maggie had alerted us to Jake's location on Petit Bois Island yesterday.

4) Jake and I crossed paths on the west side of Katrina Pass. Jake is on a 5000 mile paddling journey from Wisconsin and you can follow his journey on his blog. Click Here.

5) Green eye'd water fowl.

6) Jake was greeted with a military flyover as we neared the Dauphin Island airport.

7) Maggie launched her kayak near the Ferry and met up with Jake.

8) People that Jake meets along his journey sign his kayak. We all went out to dinner that evening at the Mariner Restaurant and replenished a few calories.

9) Today was a perfect day to escape to the waters.

10) On my return trip, an alarm was going off and a loud speaker at this rig kept saying, "Attention, We have a process shutdown." Click here for video. It was so loud you could hear it miles away. Another oil rig shutdown? Bet that means gas prices will go up another few cents...

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