Saturday, January 30, 2010

01/30/2010 - Hurricane Bayou

Launch: Hurricane Landing

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1) After an smooth launch at Hurricane Landing, also known as Perkins Landing, the Mobile Bay Canoe and Kayak Club group paddled up Hurricane Bayou.

2) This bright Christmas lichen (Cryptothecia rubrocincta) begged to be photographed. It added a little color to this otherwise drab day.

3) At the narrow end of Hurricane Bayou is high enough ground to get out on and take a break.

4) Along the edge of Hurricane Bayou were some small trees or shrubs loaded down with catkins but they also had small cones on the same limbs which seemed odd. There were no leaves on the tree and no one knew the identity. After some research, it appears this tree is in the Birch Family and is called Hazel Alder or technically, Alnus serrulata.

5) We explored some of the backwaters that have beaver dams, but the high water covered the dams.

6) The sun stayed behind clouds and temperatures were in the upper 40s but that didn't stop about a dozen kayakers from enjoying this 6-7 mile trip today.

7) We cut across the gas line canal and went out into the Tensaw River. River current was about 2-3 mph due to recent rains and upstream flooding.

8) It seems like it is always flooding upstream lately causing higher water levels and stronger current in this area. I was paddling down an asphalt road here.

9) Another interesting lichen found blooming so to speak on an old wooden dock. Based on research (always prone to error), I think this is called Jester lichen (Cladonia leporina).

10) Houseboats on Hurricane Bayou. Haven't heard of any Frankenfish horror stories in this area. Frankenfish is a movie filmed nearby in Byrnes Lake back in 2004.

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