Friday, January 22, 2010

01/22/2010 - Dauphin Island

Launch: Desoto Park (Dauphin Island, AL)

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1) For the first hour today I pedaled with a pair of dolphin. The dolphin were definitely intrigued with the faster moving Hobie Adventure, sometimes following a few feet away. They turned an ordinary kayak trip into something very memorable. See the video below.

2) The west half of Dauphin Island can be seen in the background. I decided not to kayak through Katrina Pass because the waters were too cold to risk getting capsized in strong current and breaking waves. The number one rule in kayaking says, "When in doubt, don't!" Rather than loop around Dauphin Island, I chose to loop around Little Dauphin Island as a safer route.

3) Shallow water pool filled with holey mounds.

4) Pink female barnacles?

5) There was a multitude of little sandpiper type birds dotting the sands.

6) The Coast Guard vessel Saginaw is a 160ft Inland Construction Tender in service with the US Coast Guard's 8th District. General duties include search & rescue, harbor security, pollution control, boater safety, and maintaining floating and fixed Aids to Navigation in the Mobile area.

7) The big bridge to Dauphin Island.

8) On the north side of Little Dauphin Island, waters were remarkably clear considering Mobile just had a major rain. Saw a couple of sting rays.

9) Fort Morgan is the land on the horizon. Waters slicked off in the afternoon leaving gentle rolling seas. Around the east side of Dauphin Island, wave size picked up to 2 foot rollers.

10) Back at Desoto Park, two kayak fishermen came in from their fishing trip. One lucky individual will be having fresh fish tonight.

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  1. Nice, isn't it nice to share part of their lives?

    tammy A.


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